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    OrganiConnectivity is a codebase aimed at empowering users to fluidly and informatively describe and display attribute data to build scope, context or any other attributes into content nodes allowing the mind to be mapped more freely and completely in a digital environment.

    Let your information grow and show it off with living templates.


    It is a flexible way to structure your web site
    It is a template system with derived templates for the most open ended Human-Experience-Oriented model building.

    Using XML as its configuration, dating and subject database and PHP as a wrapper applying XSLTransformations to the data streams.
    This system (including translation templates and structural schemas) is being built from scratch on top of PHP5.

    I am currently working on the code/functionality of webFræmwerk and it is being used in small client projects and on the site you are viewing.

    vertebræ should be able to handle the following data types:

    document types


    • editor interface exampleHave you ever wanted to assign multiple, well-defined connections between data items with a simple editing interface?
    • Have you ever wanted to richly and organically define types of connections, contexts and items types?
    • context nested nav exampleHave you ever wanted to automatically generate navigational elements based on your pre-defined item connectivity?
    • context datavis exampleHave you ever wanted to generate rich visualizations from your contextual interconnectivity, attributional responses or data types?